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Memories from last weekend at @progpower ! ⠀
📸: @hughes_vanhoucke ⠀
Yesterday night we played what officially was the last show of this Aathma cycle and we did it by ...
Counting the days for our headliner show at @progpower !!
It will be the last Aathma show, so a very ...
US shop! 🇺🇸 You can now pre-order those beauties!! Btw, we've re stocked the Aathma and Spiritual Migration shirts ...
📽: @alvaro2202
Shot during Aathma Tour pt2.
📽: @ericrossell
Taken from the Aathma (2017).
Shot during the Aathma Tour pt1 in Europe.
Taken from the album Aathma(2017)
Animation: @aka_ka_ 
Illustraion: @carrieonart
Lyric video by @aka_ka_
A quick trip throughout the cities we visited during our European Aathma Tour pt2.
📽: @ericrossell
PERSEFONE will headline @progpower this year! We will play on Sunday instead of Saturday, as initially planned! Also we ...

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