Persefone, the metal band that put the Andorran country on the map of the metal scene, started as a band back in 2001. 
The six-piece metal band have release five studio albums and a single through their career, working with best producers as Jens Bogren, Logan Mader or Jacob Hansen and artist like Paul Masvidal from Cynic or Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris. Through all these years, Persefone have toured all over Europe several times, the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and Japan, sharing stages with bands as titans Obituary or prog masters Leprous and playing the most relevant festivals, like Wacken Open Air, Metal Days, Brutal Assault, ProgPower or 70.000k Tons of Metal.

Aathma will likely stand as a highlight for progressive metal in 2017. Here's sincerely hoping it gets Persefone the awareness they so rightly deserve.​
There are too few bands doing what Persefone is doing. And that's a good thing, because there's a fine line between the mastery on display here and the musical train wrecks that are sure to follow by less accomplished artists.
Aathma demonstrates why people appreciate this metal band as much as they do, and why folks are so fervent about getting the band’s name out there among new listeners. Because Aathma is the sort of metal disc you don’t cross paths with everyday, crafted by a band truly willing to be adventurous and to cast genre conventions aside in favor of packing just about ‘everything’ into each song.